Regulation Project Photos

A New Vision for Drug Policy

The Regulation Project is working towards creating public health- and human rights-based drug policies grounded in compassion and guided by evidence

Quebec Public Health Conference 2019

In November 2019, the Regulation Project was invited to the Journées annuelles de santé publique, the annual Québec public health conference. There, game designer Rodolphe Destombes and CDPC Director of Policy Scott Bernstein piloted the Regulation Game for the first time to a group of participants at the conference in a half-day workshop. After discussing models for regulating opioids, stimulants and psychedelics (as well as participating in other “world café” discussions about decriminalization of drugs, participants debated different policy approaches to substances).

Reform Conference 2019

The biennial Reform Conference hosted by the US-based Drug Policy Alliance is an exciting opportunity for drug policy reform advocates from around the world to exchange ideas, learn about advocacy efforts of others, and network. The Regulation Project used the 2019 conference in St. Louis, Missouri (USA) as an opportunity to launch the project and showcase the prototype of the Regulation Game. Partners of the Regulation Project shared a booth and engaged conference attendees on topics of legal regulation.


The Regulation Project is a continually-evolving effort, with new partners and new methods of engaging the public in discussions about the legal regulation of substances. The Regulation Game is only one tool to do this. Because drug policy issues aren’t widely discussed among the public in a meaningful way, it’s important that we work to reach new audiences and dispel the myths and fears of what legal regulation means.